What we do


For schools, parents & club staff

We help schools generate the maximum possible revenue from their childcare, whilst ensuring they minimise their costs. This combination means school budgets are improved, parents receive a more comprehensive booking, payment and administration experience, and club staff have up-to-the-minute registers.

We achieve this through a combination of industry leading software and professional, outsourced administration.

What we do…
for school staff

Office and finance staff are freed from time-consuming admin – we deal with everything, including:

  • Processing payments – by card, childcare voucher and tax-free childcare
  • Reconciling payments to parents’ accounts
  • Supporting parents with amendments to bookings
  • Maintaining accurate attendance and financial reports
  • Supporting new starters with everything they need

What we do…
for parents

We provide parents with 24/7 access to our state-of-the-art wraparound childcare booking system, to enable them to:

  • Check live availability 
  • Book, pay for, and amend their bookings (in line with the school’s booking t’s & c’s) 
  • Check their balance and download account statements 
  • Update their child’s details 

In addition, parents can call or email our administrator (dedicated to your school), any time between 9am – 5pm, 51 weeks of the year, for any help they may need.

What we do…
for club staff

We provide club staff with 100% accurate information that they can rely on. Their admin area gives them instant access to live registers, children’s details and their club capacities:

  • E-registers, updated instantaneously, allow staff to be confident they always have the correct children in club

  • Electronic sign in/sign out enables quick and easy registration and collection for parents and staff alike

  • A system which prompts parents to keep their child’s medical, allergy and dietary requirements up-to-date


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