Safe Children, Happy Parents, Secure Business

Wraparound childcare bookings… built for you and your business

The background

Our concept was simple:  To build an online software system for before-school, after-school and holiday childcare providers that automated their stressful and laborious admin, leaving a workload that was more manageable, profitable & enjoyable.

We had assessed what was already available on the market and felt that – while software was available for nurseries and other types of provision – wraparound and holiday providers often fell through the cracks.  They needed a specific solution…

Our Timeline

The idea

We knew the destination we wanted to reach – but how did we get there?  We needed some help on our journey.

The design

We consulted numerous providers to get their ideas, allowing us to design software that met their specific needs.

The build

We applied our own expertise to write software that was relevant and cutting edge, but simple for providers to use.

The result

A software solution that is designed specifically for wraparound and holiday childcare providers, to meet their needs and support their objectives. Our solution helps you manage your:

  • Breakfast clubs
  • After school clubs
  • Holiday camps

Below, we explain more specifically how our software can assist your organisation in providing care which cultivates:

  • Safe children
  • Happy parents
  • Secure business

Safe children

As a key consideration of the design process, safeguarding is woven all through the fabric of our software.  Capacity checking prevents your provision from going over ratio, live updates ensure your registers are never out of date and regular prompts to parents mean their children’s attendance and medical records remain accurate.  Let our automation take the stress out of administrative safeguarding.

Happy parents

Parents love our booking system.  We know because they’ve told us!  In the surveys we conduct, parents often tell us that our booking system is intuitive and simple to use.  They appreciate the ability to independently check availability, book sessions, update details and manage their finances.  Often, it’s a welcome upgrade on filling out paper forms by hand  or using a system that isn’t fit for purpose.

Secure business

Our system has been designed to help secure the future of your provision.  An intuitive customer experience (which is responsive to the rules you set) will maximise your bookings, while our automation minimises the time and money required to carry out your admin.  This all goes towards optimising your finances, while less time on paperwork means more time to focus on running your provision.

And much more…

We’d love to tell you about all of the amazing features packed into our system, but there isn’t enough space on this page.  However, if you’re interested in what you’ve heard so far and would like more information, why not contact us or request a demo?  One of our friendly and knowledgeable team would be delighted to schedule a time to show you how our system could help your organisation.

We'd love to hear about your business