Explainer: MOD’s Wraparound Childcare Scheme (for Military Families)


The Ministry of Defence (MOD) introduced its Wraparound Childcare scheme to support service personnel with their childcare fees. The scheme is intended to facilitate free access (within specified usage limits) to wraparound childcare for military families.

How it works – the basics

1. Eligibility: The scheme is available to service personnel who have children aged 4-11 years old, attending state-funded education in the UK.

2. Benefit: Up to 20 hours per week of free wraparound childcare during term time (including before and after school care, as well as full day care on INSET days).

The Role of Schools

1. Awareness and promotion: Schools with a significant number of children from military families should actively promote awareness of the MOD Wraparound Childcare scheme. Information sessions, newsletters, and parent-teacher meetings can be effective channels.

2. Guidance on application process: While schools cannot apply on behalf of parents, they can provide guidance and necessary information, helping military families understand the application process and eligibility criteria.

3. Providing proof of costs: Schools will need to provide receipts or proof of childcare costs to support families’ claims. Creating template documentation can help streamline this process.

Benefits for Schools and Families

1. Financial support for military families: By facilitating access to this scheme, schools will support military families with costs and ensure children receive consistent and quality care.

2. Increased access and uptake: The scheme makes wraparound childcare more accessible to military families, potentially leading to increased uptake of school-provided services.

3. Enhanced community relations: Schools that accommodate the needs of military families foster a more inclusive and supportive community. This approach can enhance the school’s reputation and strengthen its relationship with the military community.


By integrating the MOD Wraparound Childcare scheme into their offerings, schools not only provide invaluable support to military families and drive uptake of their wraparound service; but also demonstrate a commitment to addressing the unique challenges faced in their school community. For further support with this scheme, please feel free to get in touch with Childcare Bookings for Schools – who are experienced in managing all administrative aspects of the MOD’s Wraparound Childcare Scheme.

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