Supporting Families with Wraparound Childcare Costs: A Guide for Schools

Schools providing wraparound childcare play a pivotal role in supporting their community. Understanding the various schemes available to help families manage childcare costs can allow schools to extend this support, by making their childcare offer as affordable as possible. We provide a breakdown below of the 5 key schemes that schools should be aware of.

1. Tax-Free Childcare Scheme

What is it? This government initiative assists parents by topping up their childcare payments. For every £8 a parent deposits into their account, the government adds £2 (up to £2,000 per child, per year).

Schools should: Register for the scheme (against the school’s existing Ofsted number), then encourage parents to assess their eligibility and take advantage if possible.

More information via our blog post dedicated to Tax-Free Childcare or the government website.

2. Childcare Vouchers

What is it? Although closed to new entrants since October 2018, this scheme allows parents that are already registered to pay for childcare from their pre-tax salary, resulting in savings.

Schools should: Be aware that some parents may still be using this scheme. Ensure they are registered with all relevant Childcare Voucher providers to accept payments where applicable.

More information via our blog post dedicated to Childcare Vouchers or the government website.

3. Universal Credit

What is it? Parents receiving Universal Credit can claim back up to 85% of their childcare costs, offering substantial support for lower-income families.

Schools should: Provide information and guidance on how parents can claim these costs through Universal Credit.  Offer payment receipts in a format that meets Universal Credit requirements.

More information via our blog post dedicated to Universal Credit & Childcare Costs or the government website.

4. MOD’s Wraparound Childcare Scheme

What is it? Tailored for military families, this scheme offers completely free childcare for children aged 4-11 years, acknowledging the unique challenges faced by service families.

Schools should: Actively promote the scheme; in particular if the school is located nearby to a military base or has a high number of service families in the community.

More information via our blog post dedicated to the MOD’s Wraparound Childcare Scheme or the government website.

5. Childcare Grant Scheme for Students

What is it? This is a vital resource for full-time students with children, covering up to 85% of childcare costs during both term time and holidays.

Schools should: Engage with student parents, particularly those in higher education, to inform them about this grant. Guidance and support with the application processes can be a significant help.

More information via our blog post dedicated to Childcare Grant Scheme for Students or the government website.


All schools offering wraparound childcare should actively seek to inform parents about the schemes available to support with the associated costs. Not only is this a way to offer support to the school community by easing the financial burden of accessing wraparound care; but it can also increase attendance by making the service more affordable, thus maximising the school’s revenue.

As part of the service we offer to schools, we register and fully manage each of these different schemes on their behalf.  If you think your school might be interested in our service, please do get in touch with us for a friendly chat and some more information.

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About the Author

Dan McCaffrey is the Managing Director of Childcare Bookings for Schools, the only outsourced payment, bookings and administration service for school-run childcare in the UK. A former primary teacher, he is also the owner of Pioneer Childcare, the 5th largest wraparound provider in the country, where he learned (the hard way!) everything he shares in these blogs. Dan lives in Sussex with his family.

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