How our system supports

Multi-Site Providers

(with 2-5 sites)

How can our system help?

Congratulations!  You have made the challenging step to running clubs at more than one site, putting you in the top 5% of providers.  But maybe more importantly, you have made the crucial journey from running one club, to running a business.

Running a single club presents plenty of complexity, challenge (and joy), but it is these first two elements that seem to preoccupy your day as you move to multiple sites:

  • Perhaps you no longer know all your customers, or struggle to remember all of those small but vital details about each of your clubs?
  • Perhaps the volume of enquiries, bookings & changes are outpacing your ability to respond, leaving you anxious that you may make a mistake, or be unable to provide parents with the quality of customer service that they are used to?

We spoke to many businesses in your position whilst developing this system, and they described in detail the challenge and complexity as their businesses grew.  Indeed, some already used an online system that had been retro fitted from another sector.  What they told us they needed was a system specifically built for wraparound care, one that could look after the administrative fundamentals of their business, whilst they concentrate on ensuring their service is as good as it can be.

Our system is designed to take away much of the challenge and complexity of running multiple clubs, allowing a re-balance in your professional life (and dare we say it, a little more fun?)

We do everything you’d expect…

Naturally, a booking system designed for breakfast, after-school and holiday care providers needs a range of essential functions:


24/7 access

Round the clock access for you and your customers.

Pricing flexibility

Set your prices, your way – offer discounts & promotions when you want to.


Safe & secure

A secure website & booking system, built to protect your confidential information.

Automated bookings

A new booking appears instantly on your registers.

Regular & ad-hoc booking

Allow parents to book one-off sessions as well as recurring weekly patterns.

Continuity and credibility

Our system matches your brand and logo, incorporated into your website.

Live availability checks

Allow parents to check for availability 24/7 based on the capacities you set.

Live registers & reports

Download live reports at any time to ensure your registers are 100% accurate.

Client support

Our support team is always on hand to help with any queries you may have.

With some amazing extras…

Due to the nature of our system being built specifically for wraparound care, it also provides a range of features that are tailored to make your life easier:

Maximise profitability

While the childcare sector provides tremendously rewarding careers, it can also be a tough sector to operate in financially.  If it feels like there is not always a balance between profit and the amount of work required, we can help your company fulfil its financial potential.  Our software has been built with the objective of allowing providers to eliminate bad debt, maximise the number of bookings they accept and reduce the time & money they spend on administration.

Robust safeguarding

Sleep easy at night knowing the children in your care are safe.  Ensure ratios are strictly adhered to by setting your own capacities based on children’s age, school, walking bus route, collection vehicle or your overall number of attendees.  Eliminate the risk of administrative input error by providing customers access to their own accounts, while automatic notifications prompt parents to ensure their own and their children’s details are always accurate and up to date.

Understand your business

It can be easier to notice when trends or patterns emerge running just one club, as you have your finger on the pulse all of the time.  But running multiple clubs presents some interesting challenges… when are you busiest across each/all of your clubs?  What percentage of your bookings are ad-hoc?  Develop a deeper understanding of your business’ patterns and trends to help you with cashflow, staffing, and developing your offering to the parents, children & schools you work with.

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