How our system supports


How can our system help?

We understand that running any number of franchises requires both a degree of autonomy for your Franchisee, as well as close oversight from the Franchisor.

Helping the Franchisor
The Childcare Bookings System provides a coherent, centralised administrative system that allows a Franchisor to focus on their business as a whole, whilst simultaneously giving them the ability to concentrate on any aspect of their individual Franchisee’s performance.  It provides a number of key benefits:

  • By centralising payments and customer accounts through one system (whilst retaining the individuality of the Franchisee’s service), a Franchisor can be confident that every penny is accounted for.
  • It offers the Franchisor the option to gain incremental income through charging Franchisees for use of the system.
  • Having a consistent system, used across your network, allows quick scalability as and when expansion opportunities arise.
  • Transparency of Franchisee’s data is paramount, and our system provides the Franchisor with a wide variety of key metrics on performance, both across the business as a whole, and within individual Franchises.

Helping the Franchisee
Our system provides the Franchisee with:

  • 24/7 access, ensuring that the Franchisee maximises their income and maintains high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • All the data they need to analyse trends and performance metrics in their franchise.
  • A simple, elegant and robust solution to processing their time-consuming administration.

We do everything you’d expect…

Naturally, a booking system designed for breakfast, after-school and holiday care providers needs a range of essential functions:

24/7 access

Round the clock access for you and your customers.

Pricing flexibility

Set your prices, your way – offer discounts & promotions when you want to.

Safe & secure

A secure website & booking system, built to protect your confidential information.

Automated bookings

A new booking appears instantly on your registers.

Regular & ad-hoc booking

Allow parents to book one-off sessions as well as recurring weekly patterns.

Continuity and credibility

Our system matches your brand and logo, incorporated into your website.

Live availability checks

Allow parents to check for availability 24/7 based on the capacities you set.

Live registers & reports

Download live reports at any time to ensure your registers are 100% accurate.

Client support

Our support team is always on hand to help with any queries you may have.

With some amazing extras…

Due to the nature of our system being built specifically for wraparound care, it also provides a range of features that are tailored to make your life easier:

Maximise profitability

The CBL system offers Franchisors with an opportunity to centralise and streamline its administrative processes, whilst simultaneously allowing Franchisees instant access to the customer records that they require.  Our software has been built with the objective of allowing providers to eliminate bad debt, maximise the number of bookings they accept and reduce the time & money they spend on administration.

Robust safeguarding

As a large Franchisor you will be only too aware that your brand is everything.  Providing as many sessions as you do, to as many children as you have on roll, means the importance of accurate registers, child and parent details cannot be understated.  You require a system that not only maintains these records in a way that is accurate to the second, but also ensures that parents keep their records up to date.  Our system is built with safeguarding both the children’s welfare, and your brand, at its core.

Franchisee assessment

It can be challenging to track performance across your franchises, so having crucial Management Information at your fingertips can be vital:  Which of your franchises are succeeding?  Which are struggling?  When are the busiest periods across your franchises?  Our system can help you develop a deeper understanding of the patterns and trends of your franchises to help maximise profit, manage cashflow and develop your offering to the schools, parents & children you work with.

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