Explainer: Childcare Grant Scheme (CCG/CGPS) for Full-Time Students using Wraparound Care


The Childcare Grant Scheme (also known as the Childcare Grant Payment Service; CCG or CGPS) is designed to assist full-time higher education students in England with their childcare costs; making it more affordable for student parents to continue their education.

How it works – the basics

1. Eligibility: Available to full-time students with children under 15 (or under 17 if they have special educational needs), who are in Ofsted registered childcare (including school-run).

2. Amount covered: Up to 85% of childcare fees, up to a maximum amount per week. The exact amount is dependent on household income, total childcare costs, and number of children.

3. Application Process: Students apply through their Student Finance account and must provide evidence of their child’s identity and childcare costs.

The Role of Schools

1. Information and guidance: Schools should inform student parents about the availability of this grant and via their website, newsletters, or parent meetings.

2. Proof of childcare costs and usage: Schools will need to confirm attendance and associated costs for any parents accessing the scheme, via the government’s online portal.

3. Support with application process: Schools can assist in the application process by helping parents understand their eligibility and confirming any required information promptly.

Benefits for Schools and Families

1. Financial relief for student parents/carers: The grant relieves financial pressure on student parents, making further education more accessible and less stressful.

2. Increased wraparound care enrolment: Awareness of financial support can encourage more student parents to enrol their children in school-based wraparound childcare.

3. Strengthened school community: By supporting student parents, schools foster a more inclusive and supportive environment, enhancing the school’s reputation in the community.


For schools offering wraparound childcare, understanding and supporting the Childcare Grant Scheme can provide enormous support to parents in full-time further education. Should you have any queries about offering this scheme, please do feel free to get in touch.

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